Tropical Windows and Doors is exporting its products to Aruba since 2008.

We manufacture high-quality uPVC and aluminium windows and doors and get them directly to our clients in Aruba. We take an uncompromising line on quality and this commitment has allowed us to grow with a list of loyal customers.


Apart from quality, we also focus on their availability to both individual customers and large business partners such as commercial buildings and construction companies. Cause of our huge production capacity we realize even the biggest orders in a short period.

Technical and sales departments specialists have got high qualifications and experience; they organize technological training, help with making of statistic calculations and help you in selecting the optimal solutions for our customers.


We treat people with respect.
We are open to change and improvement.
We love our product and we exceed our customer’s expectations.
We believe that working together will result in a better outcome.
Customer’s perception is our reality.
We treat others as we expect to be treated by them.

Ponzio Group belongs to the leading companies in the aluminum systems supply market.
Sum of experience gained during 20 years of activity on the Polish market and almost 75 years of Italian company tradition on the international and European market, locates Ponzio among the biggest aluminum suppliers.
Systems of aluminum profiles are destined for production of light curtain walls, spatial constructions, doors and windows.
Objects made with Ponzio systems are spread all over the world. ponzio has it seat in Central Poland. This allows to provide customers with very efficient service, thus it means considerable decrease of costs.
The cooperation with the biggest Polish stamping prsses, in the scope of production aluminum profiles, influences on short terms of orders realization and fixed prices.