uPVC windows gives quality for your home for a very good value-for-money. Our uPVC windows will meet your individual wishes in terms of function, features, security and design. The excellent insulation improves the comfort of your living. We will be pleased to advise you directly.




KBE 76 is a range of state-of-the-art windows and doors with unique performance features: top quality, high energy and heating cost savings, excellent sound insulation and reliable intruder protection. They also come in a range of design options that leave nothing to be desired. 

Optimum quality
KBE 76 offers design and function, statics and insulation values, environmental friendliness and outstanding quality. This advanced system delivers optimum values and is a sound future investment.
Innovative technologies. Despite having narrow profile surfaces to enable large windows, KBE 76 is intelligently designed for triple glazing with modern insulating glass.


Benefits for outward opening windows:
- Curtains and other objects in the room do not block the casement
- Virtually no hardware wear, no (big ugly) hinges mounted on the outside of the window everthing is hidden and protect in the window frame.

Top heat insulation
High cost and energy savings with a Uf value of 1.1 W/(m2K).

Top sound insulation
Optimum sound insulation in combination with high quality sound insulation glazing.

Top intruder protection
Special security fittings, plus additional anti-burglary features are optional.

Top care properties
The high quality surfaces are weather resistant and easy to clean.

Top value for money
High quality means durability, which increases your property’s value in the long term.

Top appearance
Narrow profiles are perfect for new buildings and renovation projects.




Our most popular windows are produced using the KBE 5-chamber double seal system with 70 mm installation depth profiles. These windows meet customers’ everyday needs, stringent manufacturing requirements and are compliant with general construction standards. This is an excellent quality-price ratio option for customers who are looking for a good and economical solution.

The 70mm installation depth and the 13mm distance between axes offer considerable protection against forced entry. The larger installation depth can take thicker glazing, making it even more difficult to lever up the window. uPVC windows standard comes with double glazing with argon gas, single glazing and triple glazing are also available.

Opening possibilities are: fixed, inward-opening

Opening types for inward opening windows:
- Turn (side hung)
- Tilt & Turn 
- Tilt only (bottom hung)

Benefits for inward opening windows:
- Combined functionality of tilt and turn in one window
- Easy cleaning, you clean from the inside of your house
- Excellent weather tightness window is completly sealed
- Fixed insect screen mounted from the inside, no need to roll up when opening the window
- Better pricing then with outward opening windows

Opening types for outward opening windows:
- Turn (side hung)
- Tilt (top hung)

KBE 70mm standard profile details:

  • Most popular window/patio door profile
  • Profile name – KBE 70 AD
  • Frame width – 70 mm
  • Number of chambers – 5
  • Number of EPDM seals – 2
  • Profile U value (Uf) – 1.3 W/(m²K)
  • Window U value (Uw) – up to 1.0 W/(m²K)
  • Glazing thickness – 24 or 36 mm
  • Sound insulation – up to 45 dB
  • Opening possibilities – fixed, inward-opening or outward-opening
  • Standard color – smooth white (RAL 9016)


KBE 70mm renovation profile details:

Adapting to the specifics of individual markets, Tropical Windows & Doors customized uPVC windows for the Arubian market. These windows are produced using a KBE 5-chamber double seal system, with 70 mm installation depth profiles and a specially shaped frame for renovation purposes. Among the distinctive features of these special Arubian windows are a Z-type window frame shape and double-sash opening. Arubian window systems solve not only fit and finish issues, but also renovation problems common to heritage buildings. No plaster/finish work needed!

  • Window renovation profile -no plasterwork needed
  • Profile name – KBE 70 AD
  • Frame profile width – 70 mm
  • Number of chambers – 5
  • Number of EPDM seals – 2
  • Profile U value (Uf) – 1.3 W/(m²K)
  • Window U value (Uw) – up to 1.0 W/(m²K)
  • Glazing thickness – 24 or 36 mm
  • Sound insulation – up to 45 dB
  • Colour of rubber gaskets – black
  • Winkhaus activPilot Concept fittings
  • Opening possibilities – fixed or inward-opening
  • Standard colour – smooth white (RAL 9016)
  • Installation ONLY with frame mounting screws (6 mm holes pre-drilled in the frame)

Available colors:






KBE 76 with AluClip is the perfect solution for everyone wanting windows in an elegant high tech look. AluClip is a combination of aluminum covers clipped precisely to the contours of the PVC-U profiles. The benefits for you – the advantages of both materials.

The aluminium cover presents a convincing elegance, the best weather resistance, high stability, and a wide range of colors. uPVC provides the optimal thermal and sound insulation in addition to functional reliability.

In principle, aluminum covers can not only be painted in all possible RAL colors, they can also be treated easily with special finishing effects and methods like e.g. powder coating, a beautiful way to give your window that individual design.

And all of this with a clear conscience. As part of Profine group, KBE has been one of the sustainability pioneers for years. As described by our Greenline maxim, we were among the first companies years ago to use lead-free stabilizers in virgin material, and we are committed voluntarily, as part of VinylPlus, to pursue sustainable business and to achieve actual recycling goals.




KBE 76 AluClip Pro is the energy saving miracle with a quality, easy care aluminium surface. AluClip Pro is the combination of uPVC profile and aluminum cover.

The aluminum cover can be attached with ease in production processes, yet undertakes a large part of the load bearing. Hence there is no need for steel reinforcements in the window sash or outer frame. Now empty, the steel chambers can be foam-filled with proEnergyTec before they leave the factory. With the right panes and spacers, these systems can therefore achieve the highest insulating values up to the passive house standard.

KBE 76 AluClip Pro provides you with a powerful combination of aluminum and PVC-U, an innovative system without compromising or detracting from the advantages of either material. Aluminum, for instance, presents a convincing combination of visual elegance, high durability, great stability, and the potential for countless colors and effects.